I’m a fairly content receiver of marketing.

I know the game: I’m being sold something, and what I’m buying is a half-assed approximation of what I’m after. When I buy Star Wars toys I’d really rather be fighting in an epic character drama to defeat evil with good, but I’m actually getting a fistful of little plastic men. When I buy a Conflict record I’d like to be in a spikey haired patch clad band of partisans struggling on three fronts against fascist incursions inĀ the underground, corporate co-optation of street rebel aesthetics, and to halt the inevitable nuclear/enviromental/social destruction of humanity, but I’m actually propping up someones coke habit. When pitch in with tired ass boring leftist blahblahblah (like this thing so far) I’m actually after a transformed world, but what I get is anĀ amalgam of every participants family dynamic and I just go home and listen to Conflict and play with my little plastic men.

Anyhow, if I keep up with this, it’ll probably be about the things that matter most to me, but are safe enough to put in the hands of the internet, so: toys, playing with my kid, (very little) music, maybe finally getting that car in the backyard out on the street, and fundraising for community media (ugh).

I suspect a lot of the early posts will be about the first Lucas-less Star Wars movie. While we’ve still got 4 days before the release I’ll get all my speculation out: Han’s the sacrificial buddy (more Morgan Freeman in Unforgiven than Alec Guiness in Star Wars), Luke’s been hermiting for 30+ years, Leia had a kid that’s been secreted away for it’s safety (Rey or Poe); instead of the farmboy/princess/pirate dynamic of the original trilogy the leads will be streetkid/ace fighter pilot/imperial traitor; Han will lead the kids to the rebellion, then die in the climatic battle. I can’t wait to see how wrong I am.